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Our LinkedIn profiles are sold to companies without our consent.

For billions of dollars every year.

gives users complete privacy and the option to sell their professional data directly to companies.

MBYS gives control of professional data back to the rightful owner: the user.

Employers paid over $2.4 billion in 2017 to access online professional networking profiles.
These users often do not know who is buying their data and are not rewarded in any manner.

MBYS Platform

The MBYS Platform

MBYS is a professional networking platform for a decentralized world. Here, users have complete autonomy to customize their privacy settings, dictate who views their data, and receive rewards for sharing their data.

The MESH Token

The Mutual Exchange Service Hash (MESH) token serves as the official currency on the MBYS platform. You receive MESH for virtually all activities on MBYS, such as staking tokens to validate profiles or for selling your data to companies.

MBYS Platform

Product Overview

MBYS is based on the idea that consumers should be able to build meaningful relationships on social networks while retaining complete control of their personal data. Users are able to determine what data they sell, who they sell to and how much they are willing to share.


Roadmap: 2018



  • Complete token distributions and release an update for the platform

    Bring on two full time B2B sales staff

  • Release v2 and continue recruiting companies and users for the platform

    Promote the protocol to other startups for integration with Indorse, Status, and other potential partners.

  • List the token on an exchange

    Allow for open market purchases of MESH Tokens.

  • Integrate other decentralized platforms

    Full suite of user and corporate level features.

    Continue recruiting clients that use the MBYS Platform.

2019: Q1

  • Optimize and update the token protocol

    Major focus on abuse-mitigating mechanisms.

  • Integrate new search tools and features into the MBYS platform

  • Build Primary MBYS user base and support and incentivize user driven contributions


  • Update MBYS platform

    Gather feedback and resolve issues discovered in Beta V1.

  • Release MBYS v3

  • Open discussions

    Licensing deals and partnerships with commercial organizations for increased data sales, posting, and job advertising.


  • Contingent on meeting all milestone expectations

    Design development of new platforms using the MESH token protocol.

    Expand job placement services and continue realeasing periodic updates.


  • Q: What is MBYS?

    A: MBYS is a platform that seeks to create a world of seamless professional recruiting through the dissemination of truthful data. The MESH token was designed with the MBYS Platform in mind, however, the decentralized and autonomous protocol is completely open source. It is our goal for the protocol to be used on a variety of different platforms.

  • Q: What is MESH?

    A: The Mutual Exchange Service Hash (MESH) protocol eliminates the traditional Business-to-Business (B2B) model of professional data analytics and returns authority to you -- the creator of the data. Both businesses and individuals on the platform engage through the MESH Smart Contract, which facilitates peer-to-peer networking and HR and Recruiting data exchanges.

  • Q: What problem does MBYS solve?

    A: Hundreds of millions of networking platform users go unrewarded after their profiles are sold to third parties. We have no way to choose who gets to view and manipulate our social profile data, and no way to ensure the secure transfer of information between parties on platforms such as LinkedIn. MBYS solves this problem by enabling professionals to sell their data directly to companies interested in their profiles, and by giving users complete control over who views and uses their profile information.

  • Q: Can users purchase tokens? Can I buy tokens?

    A: Yes, tokens will be sold to platform users, and will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2018.

  • Q: Who can participate in the sale?

    A: Currently, you are not eligible and you are not to purchase any MESH tokens if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green card holder of the United States of America or a resident of the People's Republic of China.

  • Q: Is there a bounty? How do I join the bounty?

    A:There will be a bounty and 3% of MESH tokens have been reserved for the bounty. Learn more about how you can participate here:

  • Q: Is there KYC? When is KYC?

    A: Yes, we will have a KYC process. We will post further details in the over the next few weeks.

  • Q: When will the MVP be released?

    A: The MBYS Beta version is currently out and can be downloaded on the iOS App Store.

  • Q: Is this an ERC-20 Token?

    A: Yes

  • Q: What is the total supply?

    A: 60,000,000 MESH

(Tap photos to read bios)

Omar Zaki

Omar Zaki

Co-Founder, CTO & Co-CEO

Muteramyi Nintunze

Muteramyi Nintunze

Co-founder, COO & Co-CEO

Mirza Uddin

Jack Doherty

Sales Director

William Bear

William Bear

Chief Business Officer

Jessie Davis

Jessie Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Madison Bell

Madison Bell

Creative Director

Lukas Everding

Lukas Everding

Head Of Product

Justin Smith

Justin Smith

Head Of Marketing

Stephon Henry-Rerrie

Stephon Henry-Rerrie

Head of Data Management

Sydney Sweck

Sydney Sweck

Head of Community Management

Zachary DiMartino

Zachary DiMartino

UI Developer

Jared Polites

Jared Polites

General Advisor

Todd Morley

Todd Morley

General Advisor

Guenther Dobrauz

Dr Guenther Dobrauz


Ezzat Fahmy

Ezzat Fahmy

Technical Advisor

Daniel Shaheen

Daniel Shaheen

Business Development Advisor

Florian Reike

Florian Reike


Peter Crane

Peter Crane


Corporate Partners

Advance Blockchain

Mesh Token Distribution

MBYS Token Distribution

MESH Tokens will be distributed to platform users who opt to sell data to companies, contribute to the distributed storage blockchain through hosting profiles, and for acting as witnesses to validate MESH transactions on the platform blockchain. 51% of the total token supply will be released to initial to users. The architecture of the MESH smart contract is designed to minimize transaction costs, but the execution of the smart contract still requires gas. No individual buyer may purchase more than 50 ETH worth of MESH (25,000 MESH). Token holders will have the ability to exchange the tokens for access to data that users may elect to sell for MESH. After the initial tokens are distributed, new MESH tokens can only be acquired through the use of the platform (ex. networking, blockchain profile validation, etc.) or through a third party selling the token.

Use of Funds

Revenue generated by MBYS will be directly attributed to building new features on the platform and to creating a more comprehensive user experience. MBYS has established a system of checks and balances to assure the distribution of ETH meet the token distribution parameters and KYC protocol requirements. We delve further into these ideas in the Token Structure and Notes sections of our whitepaper.

Use of Funds 55%



Marketing & Sales




General & Administrative


Legal Fees

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